With Ursae’s directors being traditionally trained silversmiths and jewellers, coupled with a background in engineering, the pair strive to create stunning pieces of art and design that are finished to the highest possible standards. Possessing the skills to both design and make at a range of scales enables Ursae to produce quality works of art cost effectively, with a rare eye for detail. The directors’ hands-on approach with projects also ensures nothing gets lost in translation from drawing board to machine shop, and quality levels are always kept to a maximum.

In recent years Ursae’s designers Ryan & Todd have won a number of individual and collective awards including ‘Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Awards’ for design, 3D CAD design, craftsmanship, and innovation in technology, as well as a number of other prestigious awards. Their work has been exhibited internationally and examples can be found on permanent display at the National Museum of Wales, and on the site of William Shakespeare’s family home ‘New Place’ in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Ryan and Todd’s work has also been exhibited in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum and Christies Auction House as well as featuring on Channel Four’s ‘Four Rooms’.


‘We will always utilise the utmost care and precision in realising the vision of our clients. Having operated for a number of years in the jewellery and luxury goods industries, using our engineering, design and silversmithing experience, we know it is of the highest importance to sustain the levels of care and attention that must be put into every job to create the optimum physical and virtual result.

Beauty and practicality are at the forefront of our designs; we strive to create interesting, functional sculpture.’

Rupert Todd


‘With a background in designing and making jewellery and silverware traditionally from the bench, high attention to detail and best practise in design and manufacturing are inherently instilled into everything we design and produce. With our design portfolio being so diverse, we have been able to incorporate manufacturing processes and techniques from a myriad of industries to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Our aim is to create beautifully functional objects without compromising on aesthetics.’

Ben Ryan

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