Ursae Ltd. is at the forefront of innovative bespoke design and manufacture. With a history in traditional making skills and a background in engineering and new technologies, the design and execution of Ursae’s products and concepts are brought to fruition with utmost precision.

Our skills in traditional drawing, virtual modelling, rendering, model making, and rapid prototyping enable us to design in a variety of ways to ensure our vision and the clients is not lost in translation.

Being highly proficient and qualified in most mainstream and industrial Computer Aided Design ‘C.A.D.’ packages, we are able to draft design concepts and working drawings that are suitable for Computer Aided Manufacture ‘C.A.M.’ effectively and efficiently. By using a plethora of C.A.D. programs Ursae can bring designs to life both virtually and physically, giving clients the peace of mind of knowing exactly what they are getting.

Our skills in traditional drawing, virtual modelling, and rendering means nothing gets lost from drawing board to finished item…